Romtek Methanol Fuel Cell (MFC) Apparatus


Romtek Methanol Fuel Cell Apparatus demonstrates & enables detailed experiments on Direct Fuel Cell operating on Methanol. It incorporates multidisciplinary technologies and is useful to educators & experimenters working in Physics & Chemistry; Electronics & Mechanical Engineering & Non Conventional Energy Sciences.

 How it Works

 The Methanol Fuel Cell accepts unimolar solution of methanol in distilled water & takes Oxygen from atmosphere. They react in a catalytic converter to generate electricity, Carbon dioxide & Water. Methanol fuel Cell (& all other fuel Cells) for that matter, are different from batteries & accumulators as (1) the battery becomes discharged & has to be discarded once the reactants are used up and (2) an accumulator requires recharging. A fuel cell can be used without charging / discharging, so long as it is kept refueled by reactants.

 Technical Data

Experiments :


Measurement & Plotting the characteristics curve (V vs I) and ( P vs I) of Methanol Fuel Cell (MFC).


Impact of Methanol Concentration on MFC performance.


Measurement of mileage of Methanol Fuel Cell Car.


Measurement of horsepower of Methanol Fuel Cell Car Engine.


Observation of working & properties peculiar to Methanol Fuel Cell.


Comparative Study of Hydrogen & Methanol Fuel Cell. This Expt is possible if you have any one of our apparatus on Hydrogen Fuel Cell.


Direct Methanol Fuel Cell


33 X 2 X 1 5/6 (85 X 70 X 40 mm)


100 m W


0.1 to 0.6 V

Fuel consumption

20 micromole / min at 0.1A


Model Automobile Car with geared electric Motor & Crane facility


(Axle to axle) / (Wheel to wheel)

6 X 4 X 5

Driving Voltage

0.5 to 3.0V

Driving Current

100 m A @ 0.6 V @ no load

Crane Attachment


 Electronic Control Panel


Digital, LCD / LED, 3 digits

0 to 2 V

0 to 20 V

Accuracy : 0.1%


Digital, LCD / LED, 3 digits

0 to 200 m A

0 to 200 m A

Accuracy : 0.5%

Direct Reading Power Meter

Digital, LCD / LED, 3 digits

0 to 1000 m W

Accuracy : 5%


1, 3, 5, 10, 100, 200, Ohms and lamp and motor positions

Stop Watch


Power Source

0.1 to 3.0 VDC @ 1000 mA, regulated

Input power

220V / 50 Hz or 110V / 50 Hz or Batteries as per order.

 Climatic Conditions    


10o 40o c

Storage Temp

5o 45o c


Items required in Lab

Distilled Water


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